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Ambo Technologies is a professional CAD/CAM/Rapid Prototyping solution provider to the Canadian manufacturing market with Sheetmetal, Machining and Rapid Protoytping applications tailored to your needs. Our goal is to help you increase your productivity and efficiency, while lowering your cost of doing business.

At Ambo, we strongly believe in making our customers successful, through ingenuity and innovation we will strive to improve your manufacturing practices and help you to be competitive.

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3D Printing 2.0 Open House

170 Attwell Drive, Suite 620, Toronto, ON
6/27/14 - 7/25/14



About Ambo Technologies

Ambo Technologies is a local reseller of software solutions and rapid prototyping equipment serving the metal machining and sheetmetal/fabrication industries. As a local provider of CAM software, Ambo's brand portfolio includes Edgecam, Radan, 3D Systems, and Roland. We also provide consulting services and support for special CNC projects and automation. Contact us at 1.866.471.2626 or 647.499.8115 for more information.