Edgecam Software for Milling, Turning and Mill-Turn Machining

Software for Milling, Turning
& Mill-Turn Machining

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Retain, Reshore and Accelerate

Ambo | Retaining, Reshoring, and Accelerating Canadian Innovation

We're Passionate About What We Do

Ambo Technologies is driven by our passion to Retain, Reshore, and Accelerate innovation in the Canadian manufacturing marketplace.  Our roots are in design, engineering, manufacturing and product lifecycle management (PLM) with notable strengths in CAM / CNC-centric technologies and emerging RAPID / Additive Manufacturing methods.  We care about supporting manufacturing leadership in our own backyard ... >> more

Design to Manufacturing Solutions

Ambo Technologies Canada CAD / CAM / CNC, 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing Industry Solutions

We Have Great Solutions & Partners

Ambo Technologies is a company that specializes in accelerating productivity and innovation in manufacturing.  Our subject matter expertise includes CAD / CAM / CNC, shop floor automation, machining methods and strategies, metal fabrication, custom development, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and reverse engineering....  >> more

World Class Support & Training

Ambo Consulting, Training, and Support Services

We Care About Your Success

Our veteran consulting, applications engineering, training and technical support team is lead by experienced industry professionals combining decades of practical experience across many key verticals.  We are here to help our customers get the maximum return on their investments in technology.  We offer a comprehensive portfolio of professional services to ... >> more

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